I usually bring a set of gouache paints to school and in my afternoon break I wander around and find something to paint. Last week I spent about an hour studying this statue near the Botanic Gardens.


A few weeks ago my dad and I took a holiday in Tasmania. We flew into Launceston and drove along the north east coast before heading inland to Little Pine Lagoon. I took along my watercolour sketchbook and a set of gouache paints and when it wasn’t raining/blowing a gale/snowing I painted a few little studies.



Chinese Gardens

Chinese Gardens Gouache Painting

School holidays have given me enough time to do a little plein air painting. This one took two afternoons, during which the weather was changeable, sometimes sunny, sometimes not. When clouds came over I tried to remember the colour and contrast from when the sun was on the subject. The painting is small, done with gouache in a watercolour sketchbook.

Clovelly Landscape


I painted this on a very windy day in Clovelly sometime last year. Found it under my desk this morning and now I’m day-dreaming about plein air painting. It’s about 27 x 15 cm, oil on board.